Wellbeing at A片做爱

At A片做爱, we understand and recognise the inseparable connection between wellbeing, learning and academic success. We know that wellbeing sits at the heart of effective learning and is an integral part of high quality education, which is why it is of paramount importance at our school.听

We want our girls to be:

Strong global citizens. Confident, courageous and compassionate leaders who can act with integrity and who are able to make a positive impact on their world today and tomorrow.

Engaged and connected, able to form positive and respectful relationships and have a strong sense of belonging to their school community and beyond.

Resilient and adaptable thinkers who are equipped to persevere in their learning in order to achieve, grow and flourish and to have joy and hope in their lives.

Our Wellbeing Framework is underpinned by our Christian enrichment and our School Values: Respect, Integrity, Persistence, Compassion and Courage. This framework is connected with and complemented by our Deep Learning and Quality Teaching Framework to enable each girl to be the best she can be.听

Our focus is on the 鈥榳hole girl鈥 and through our Wellbeing Framework we strive to enhance her academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing from Pre-K through to Year 12.



Our Wellbeing Framework

Dedicated Pastoral groupings. Each girl belongs to a House Group, and in the Junior school to a class group, and in the Senior school to a Tutor group, where she is known, cared for, valued and feels connected. Our Boarders also have strong pastoral structures and connections in their Boarding Houses to ensure that their wellbeing is supported in their 鈥榟ome away from home鈥.

Caring and trained staff. We are committed to providing a safe, caring and nurturing environment that supports each girl’s growth and development in all areas of her wellbeing and learning. Our Wellbeing Team, which includes our classroom teachers, tutors, year co-ordinators, learning support team, school psychologists and chaplains, work together to support our girls鈥 mental health and wellbeing. We do, however, believe that all staff at A片做爱 are responsible for wellbeing, not just the wellbeing team, and everyone takes take this responsibility seriously. Many of our staff are also trained as Youth Mental Health First Aiders.

Evidence-based social and emotional learning programs and initiatives. By teaching the explicit skills needed by young people in the 21st century, both for learning and for life, our girls are empowered. Our carefully structured programs outline the outcomes for girls at each age and stage of their learning

Service, experiential and co-curricular activities. These provide our girls with amazing 听opportunities to enhance their social, emotional, collaborative and leadership skills and their wellbeing for life.