Opportunities outside the classroom

Co-curricular at A片做爱 is focused on creating opportunities for further learning outside the classroom.

Through debating and public speaking, emotional maturity and critical thinking skills are developed. Through performing arts such as music and drama, girls learn to think creatively. Through sport, girls not only enhance their physical fitness, they also learn the importance of teamwork, time management and the value of a support network.

Our hope is that through the co-curricular activities your daughter chooses, she learns more about herself and lights the fires of lifelong commitment and connection.


Our Music programs are among the most acclaimed, dynamic and vibrant in Sydney. Whatever your daughter鈥檚 musical passion, A片做爱鈥檚 varied program provides her opportunities to be creative, to be challenged and to be involved.


Run, swim, jump, volley, ride, play... whatever your daughter鈥檚 age and ability, whether she plays a sport for fun or wants to compete, there is something in our various sports programs for your daughter.

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