We aim to deliver a deeper learning that educates and empowers the 'whole girl', so she can unleash her potential within and beyond the classroom.

Deep learning

We teach our girls to ask questions, grapple with ideas, debate, take risks and reflect on their learning. However, this is not 鈥榮urface level鈥 learning, or learning at 鈥榝ace value鈥. There are facts and there are opinions. A片做爱 girls learn how to delve deeply, solve difficult problems and develop sophisticated, conceptual understanding.

A thirst for knowledge

Our girls love to learn, and fundamental to deep learning at A片做爱 is educational research, both national and international. The depth of research undertaken by our girls, from the youngest in Junior School through to Year 12, is exceptional and, in a world beset with increasingly complex challenges, essential. Our students demonstrate their enthusiasm and thirst for learning continually.

The importance of research

That research informs educational practice in our ELC, Junior School and Senior School is clearly demonstrated in the articles featured in our professional journal, Clippings. These articles demonstrate our girls鈥 and our teachers鈥 passion for deep learning and research, as well as the lived belief of our girls and staff that learning is most definitely 鈥榓 treasure that follows its owner everywhere鈥.

Individual empowerment

A片做爱 inspires girls to strive for excellence within and beyond the classroom. We empower our girls to become resilient, independent, confident and compassionate young women who believe they are capable of anything.

Respecting diversity and recognising the importance of interdependence, we challenge each girl to develop her unique passions and talents, whilst valuing those of others.