Boarding at A片做爱

Boarders are integral to our School community, adding their voice and character to the rich tapestry that is A片做爱.

Our boarders come from country NSW, regional Sydney and from countries across the globe, and we ensure each girl is nurtured and supported.

Our boarders have after-school access to a range of facilities, including the library and assistance from our boarding tutors while they are working on their homework, course work or assignments. Study each evening is extremely important, and the girls have structured prep time where parents can be confident that their daughter will be able to work productively.

Weekends offer girls a variety of fun and interesting activities at the School as well as all over Sydney. We work hard to tailor a program suited to our girls鈥 needs and desires.

A片做爱 girls achieve outstanding academic results; however, the benefits of boarding are not just academic, they are about encouraging and inspiring girls to develop as young women of fine character.

Ultimately our aim is to deliver a deeper learning that educates and empowers the 鈥榳hole girl鈥 so she can lead a purposeful life, thrive and make a positive impact on the world of today and tomorrow.

How is the Boarding School structured?

Our three boarding houses are organised by year group and the girls in each house are looked after by a Boarding Coordinator and Boarding Assistants who make sure that all the daily needs of the girls are met. Boarding Coordinators are the first point of contact for boarder parents, and they develop a strong partnership with each other, liaising regarding leave and academic and pastoral issues. Parents are most welcome to discuss any aspect of boarding with the Boarding Coordinator or Head of Boarding School at any time.

While all the boarding staff have the happiness and welfare of the boarders as their priority, we regard our relationship with parents as a partnership and welcome discussion about any aspect of your daughter’s happiness and progress at any time.