A片做爱 Junior School supports St Jude鈥檚 in fighting poverty through education

By A片做爱 Staff Authors credited in article where available March 18, 2024

We know our girls are indeed fortunate to enjoy the support of loving families with means to enable an A片做爱 education. Our school community seeks to grow girls of fine character who fully appreciate their capacity to make a positive difference in society both whilst at school and as graduates and adults. Such learning doesn鈥檛 happen in a vacuum, and real life experiences are essential for our youngest learners, up to our oldest, to see just how positive social impact is attained. We also know that in looking outwards from self and giving to others makes us healthier, happier individuals.

The Junior School girls therefore delighted in welcoming the founding Principal of St Jude鈥檚 鈥 Gemma Sisia, and two of her alumni back to A片做爱 to share the difference our girls and families have made again in the lives of students in Tanzania. Girls and staff from Kindergarten to Year 5 heard Gemma Sisia speak in Chapel in late February. It was fascinating to watch our girls鈥 reactions to Gemma鈥檚 questions to determine academic access to St Jude鈥檚. While our girls passed with flying colours, they were flummoxed when their personal circumstances meant their family wouldn鈥檛 pass the poverty test to gain access to this remarkable school.



St Jude鈥檚 was founded in 2002 with the intent of fighting poverty through education as a charity funded school located in the city of Arusha in Tanzania. Today 1800 students attend St Jude鈥檚 three campuses. All are children from backgrounds of great poverty and yet demonstrate a keen determination and ability to learn. We were thrilled to hear the remarkable stories of Winnie Nemes and Dr Mohamed Suleiman both alumni of St Jude鈥檚, as they shared their journey and career achievements made possible because of their enabling education.

The Junior School has been supporting St Jude鈥檚 for over 15 years with an annual fundraising effort in the final weeks of each year. In 2023 the girls completed chores and duties at home to raise funds for St Jude鈥檚. We were delighted to see the difference our funds made in creating refurbished classrooms that were colourful, engaging and stimulating environments for learning. to see the transformation achieved through our donations.

Gemma Sisia is a wonderful role model of our school values of courage, perseverance, integrity and compassion. Our girls are able to make a positive social impact and seeing this realised is both motivating and enabling now and into their futures.